Avenue V Pumping Station Upgrade Audit, New York, NY
Gilboa Dam Reconstruction Audit, Gilboa, NY
Gowanus Facilities Upgrade Audit, New York, NY
Hunts Point Structures and Equipment Audit, Bronx, NY
Jamaica Water Pollution Control Audit, Queens, NY
Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Audit, New York, NY
Rondout West Branch Bypass Tunnel Audit, Rondout, NY
Wards Island Water Pollution Control Plant Audit, New York, NY

other projects

City Tunnel 3, Manhattan, NY

New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 is part of the New York City water supply system and is the largest capital construction project in New York City history. It will provide New York City with a third connection to its upstate water supply. The tunnel will be more than 60 miles long and will cost over $6 billion. KC is performing all engineering audit services for this project.

Croton Water Treatment Plant, Bronx, NY

Croton Water Treatment Plant provides full treatment to the water supply from the East of the Hudson Watershed. Originally constructed between 1842 and 1890, it provides about 15% of New York City’s water. It is located within Westchester and Putnam Counties, and the water is conveyed to New York City via the New Croton Aqueduct. KC is performing all engineering audit services for this project.

Engineering and Accounting Auditor Services, Flushing, NY

This contract is for engineering and accounting auditor consultants to assist in the audit of capital construction payments (partial, change order, substantial, and final), consultant payments, overhead audits, and review and approval of change orders (for scope and cost) within the allowable time frame. The contract also provides for the review and analysis of Damage for Delay (DFD) change orders addressing both entitlement and damage, including assessment of all delay events and delay culpability, and establishment of entitlement and associated damages.

This $20 million contract is for a 4-year base term with a 2-year optional extension. Types of DEP projects KC’s engineers have audited include CSO facilities, dams, landfill closures, pump stations, roads and bridges, wastewater treatment plants, and water tunnel and distribution shafts.

MS4 Program Management, Mount Hope, NY

KC provided consulting services for engineering mapping, reporting, and annual NYSDEC reports. A map was created that showed the outfalls of the existing storm water catch basins in the Town of Mount Hope. Annual MS4 reports, a storm water management plan, and standard report forms have been prepared for the Town as well. Site inspections for construction sites to assure proper storm water management practices were provided. KC provided NYSDEC audit support to help ensure the proper documentation was on-site and available.

REI Services for Installation of Water Mains, Manhattan, NY

The purpose of this project was to install water mains and appurtenances to connect the water distribution system to shafts 24B, 25B, 27B, and 30B. These shafts bring water from City Tunnel #3. This provides adequate water supply to meet the neighborhood demands in Community Boards 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 in Manhattan. This project scope of work included the installation of trunk and distribution water mains of different sizes, new valves, regulators, chambers, sewers of varying sizes, and reconstructed catch basins.

This audit included review of consultants, contractors, and other vendor billings, prices for goods or services, invoices, disbursements, and payroll records for discrepancies. KC provided a report detailing our findings at the conclusion of each audit assignment. All audits, financial and financial related, compliance, direct, and indirect cost audits were performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.

Representative projects


  • Appropriate Value Assessments
  • Change Order Auditing, Reviewing, and Approving
  • Contract Compliance Verification
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Cost Reasonableness Review
  • Delay Claims Damage Negotiation
  • Delay Claims Review and Analysis
  • Dispute and Delay Claim Guidance
  • Dispute Review and Resolution
  • Payment Auditing, Reviewing, and Approving
  • Payroll Records Review
  • Price Reviews for Goods/Services
  • Progress Review
  • Specification Compliance
  • Quantity Verification
  • Review of Consultants, Contractors, and Other Vendor's Billings
  • ​Verification of Policies and Procedures Compliance

KC’s construction claims and engineering audits group consists of claims specialists, engineering auditors, compliance specialists, resident and office engineers, and scheduling experts who are skilled in delay claims review, analysis, and negotiation; dispute resolution; change order and payment auditing; payroll records review, cost estimating and reviews, and vendor billings review; assessment of appropriate values; and verification of policies, procedures, and specification compliance.

KC’s construction claims team includes claims experts with extensive and unique experience in analyzing and resolving very substantial and highly complex delay claims brought by contractors on public works construction contracts. They possess an extensive knowledge and understanding of municipal construction contracts, including Damage for Delay provisions, analytical processes for damage identification and quantification, underlying legal concepts and decisions, and delay analysis techniques. Our team performs appropriate and comprehensive reviews and analyses addressing both entitlement and damage, including assessment of all delay events and delay culpability and establishment of entitlement and associated damages.

KC has been providing engineering auditing services on multi-million dollar design and construction projects for the past 12 years. Our engineering auditors have performed thousands of audits, including those on construction contract payments, consultant payments, and change orders. Our engineering audit team exhibits the highest level of professionalism and the highest degree of academic training and possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to perform a variety of auditing tasks. Such tasks include the independent review and audit of consultants, contractors, and other vendor billings; prices for goods or services; and invoices, disbursements, and payroll records for discrepancies. Our engineering auditors perform field site visits as needed to evaluate the quality and progress of work being done and to ensure that payment requests are justified and contractors have fulfilled their contractual obligations. They ensure that our clients have received appropriate value under the terms of the contract for the payment requested and verify and recommend approval of the requested payment amounts.

Construction claims & Engineering audits