PANYNJ Condition Survey, New York, NY
Pond Hill Drainage Study, Warwick, NY
Queens Corridor Scoping, Queens and Nassau Counties, NY
Replacement of Overhead Signs, New York, NY
Retaining Wall Design, Westchester County, NY
Rio Dam Scour Survey, Sullivan County, NY
Route 17 Corridor Study, Monticello to Woodbury, NY
Scour Critical Bridge Improvements, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY
Shea Meadows Subdivision, Monroe, NY
Spuyten Duyvil Bridge Survey, New York, NY
Surveying Contract for SIM Citywide Concrete, New York, NY
Swinging Bridge Hydro Dams, Sullivan County, NY
Taste NY Welcome Center, Huntington, NY
Three-Year TASS Contract for Region 11, New York, NY
York College Survey, Queens, NY

Right-of-Way Corridor Study of Warburton Avenue County Road

75-1, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

This project scope consisted of providing a topographic survey and determination of the right-of-way bounds for approximately 1½ miles of highway corridor for the Westchester County Department of Planning. Project limits began at the Village of 

CWSRF Corridor Survey, Wappingers Falls, NY

KC prepared the map, plan, and report, and conducted the Environmental Records Review for the Village of Wappingers Falls to secure a hardship loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) section of the Environmental Facilities Corporation. This project scope consisted of providing linear topographical and utility surveys for approximately five miles of roadway corridor within the Village, phased over a five-year period. Ongoing survey began with providing aerial control for photogrammetric base mapping with one foot contour intervals covering the entire Village limits. Ground surveys were performed on surface and subsurface utilities and all planimetric features to supplement this base mapping and to provide sections and profiles along the various right-of-way corridors, which included State and municipal roadways.

Losurdo Residential Subdivision, Hamptonburgh, NY

Losurdo Subdivision is a 14-lot residential subdivision originally consisting of 221 vacant acres. KC was contracted by the owner and applicant to provide surveying and engineering design services required for approval by the Town of Hamptonburgh Planning Board.

The Losurdo Subdivision is located in an area of environmental sensitivity and includes such constraints as steep slopes, bedrock, and views of the Shawangunk Ridge. KC conducted a boundary and topographic survey, as well as designed two detention and water quality ponds to prevent storm water runoff from entering the wetlands. 

I-87 Bridge Rehabilitation and Improvements over Pascack Creek, Rockland County, NY

KC provided survey support for design services for ongoing multi-bridge rehabilitation plans. This task involved a topographic survey of the bridge over Pascack Creek in the Town of Clarkstown with cross sections ranging from 350 feet upstream and 2,000 feet downstream encompassing the width of the 100-year FEMA flood zone. GPS and ground survey tie-in and incorporation with Rockland County GIS Division photogrammetry provided a 3D DTM for input into a HEC-RAS model in accordance with NYSDOT specifications. 

GPS and Ground Survey Topography, Warwick, NY

KC provided base mapping for four sidewalk rehabilitation projects in the Village of Warwick. Additionally, KC conducted topographic and right-of-way mapping for an on-going drainage study in the Pond Hill Road area, including soundings and profiles of the pond. Other services included GPS location of well sites and piezometers for various municipal projects throughout the Village. 

Greenkill Avenue Bridge Replacement, Kingston, NY

In addition to engineering design services, KC provided survey work that consisted of Broadway, Greenkill Avenue, and CSX Railroad right-of-ways, as well as the adjoining commercial and residential parcels. KC provided base mapping for design assessment for rehabilitation and replacement of a dual-purpose street and the railroad bridge over Broadway, networked GPS observations performed to establish SPC coordinates and on-site benchmarks in NAVD 88 datum, and researched recovery of monumentation and resolution of railroad, private parcels, and easements of record. 


13th Street Crosswalk at Route 9A, New York, NY
Brigadoon Subdivision, Woodbury, NY
Bronx River Greenway Path, Bronx, NY
FEMA Stream Study, Rockland County, NY
Flood Insurance Study, Rockland County, NY
Hamlet Grove Subdivision, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
Highway Runoff Mitigation, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY
Home Depot Distribution Center, Montgomery, NY
Kingston Connectivity, Kingston, NY
Minisceongo Creek, West Haverstraw, NY
MNRR Hydro Survey, Along the Hudson River, NY
North Broadway, White Plains, NY
NYC School Construction Authority Survey, New York, NY
Oak Hill Subdivision, Minisink, NY
Orange County Choppers ALTA Survey, Newburgh, NY

other projects

Rehabilitation of North Broadway, White Plains, NY

The project scope consisted of providing a linear topographical survey for approximately one and a half miles of highway corridor. Survey involved coordination with the prime contractor and County to produce mapping integrated with the County GIS, showing all surface utilities, signage, striping, traffic control pads, and sections and profiles at all intersecting streets and driveways. A GPS static and RTK control run was done to establish x, y, z control in NYS State Plane and NAVD 88.

KC also provided digital mapping, including the creation of a 3D triangulated DTM model for the client’s use for design purposes in AutoCAD Civil 3D. 

High Grove Subdivision Phase II, Washingtonville, NY

KC designed over 1,500 feet of water, sewer, and drainage infrastructure for the High Grove Subdivision Phase II; additionally, KC designed 6,400 LF of gravity sewer line, 7,940 LF of roads, and 8,200 LF of water line. Upon design completion, KC received project approvals from the Orange County Department of Health, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Army Corps of Engineers, Village DPW, and the Village Planning Board. 

Various FEMA Flood Elevation Surveys, Various Locations, NY

​​The KC survey division routinely provides FEMA Elevation Certificate services, which includes field data acquisition of pertinent elevations of the structures (slab, basement, first floor, engineered flood openings, equipment pedestals, LAG, HAG, etc.).

KC has also provided base mapping for various municipal/agency flood mitigation projects, including GPS control and echosounding on the Erie Canal (FEMA  map modernization initiative); topographic and hydrographic modeling for the Minisceongo Creek Nor’Easter repair project for the Rockland County DPW; bathymetric, GPS, and topographic services for Metro North Railroad on the Hudson Line in failed embankment areas; and photogrammetric ground control and aerial map editing for a Waterford, NY GOSR-funded feasibility study.

Representative projects


  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Airborne GPS
  • American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) Standards
  • Analytical Aero Triangulation
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Automated and Semi-Automated Vectorization
  • Conversion of Hard-Copy Source Information
  • Deeds and Records Research
  • Digital Depth Sounders and GPS Receivers
  • Digital Land Base Mapping
  • Digital Orthophoto Mapping 
  • Digital Vector Data
  • Dredging
  • DTM to Compile Topographic Mapping
  • Dynamic Three-Dimensional Terrain Modeling
  • Environmental Surveys
  • FAA 1A/2C Certifications
  • Ground Control Surveys and Field Verifications
  • Geodetic Networks for GIS Databases
  • GPS Coordination
  • Head-Up Digitizing or Tracing Scanned Raster Imaging
  • Magnetic and Gravity Surveys
  • Monumentation
  • Photogrammatic Mass Point/Breakline Collection
  • Planimetric and Topographic Data for GIS
  • Right-of-Way Mapping
  • Stereo Digitizing Breaklines
  • Sun and Star Shots
  • Survey Plans, Reports, and Legal Descriptions
  • Topographic/Utility/Deformation Surveys
  • Traditional Conversion Option/Board Digitizing/Tracing Paper Source Documents
  • USGS Level 1 and Level 2 DTMs
  • Vertical Controls/Benchmarks

KC’s land surveying group is a leading provider of boundary and topographic surveying, base mapping, right-of-way mapping with GPS control, and GIS services. We continue to invest in the latest developments in GPS technology and personnel training as part of our commitment to provide quality service at competitive rates. We have in-house capabilities for performing computer aided design and analysis, word processing, and cost estimating. Real Time Kinematic Surveying and differential rapid static GPS are our preferred method for performing a variety of surveying services such as construction layouts, topographic and as-built surveys, wetland locations, aerial photo control, and hydrographic surveys.

Gathering accurate field data is essential to establishing locations or monuments, be it for property lines, topography, or utilities for GIS. KC’s survey personnel, under the direction of professional land surveyors, can collect geographically referenced positions along with attributes that are easily recorded utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Output formats include the most popular engineering, mapping, and GIS software packages.

KC’s land surveying group consists of dedicated professional land surveyors, party chiefs, instrument people, GIS technicians, draftsmen, engineering technicians, and CADD operators with experience researching and recording all types of survey data and with extensive experience out in the field in both varying terrains and varying weather.

Land surveying

Long Island Railroad Surveying, New York, NY

KC performed ROW survey for the 7 corridors outside of the LIRR ROW for the 60 parcels identified in the draft SEQRA scoping document and performed the field survey necessary to 

locate approximate or precise locations of private and/or public underground utilities. All work was done in accordance with the NYSDOT ROW Mapping Procedure Manual. KC also provided underground utility location/verification within seven corridors located in Nassau County, locating the already marked out utilities, analyzing and plotting the utility plates, and editing utility locations on the photogrammetric mapping provided by the NYSDOT.

Hastings/City of Yonkers line and proceeded northerly along Warburton Avenue to its terminus at Broadway in the Village. The survey involved coordination with the County to produce mapping integrated with the County GIS.