Alexander Hamilton Bridge Rehabilitation, New York, NY
Cross Westchester Expressway Reconstruction, Westchester County, NY
Design of West 61st, West 63rd, and West 64th Street Bridges, New York, NY
East Northfield Road Bridge Replacement, Livingston, NJ
Fairfield Road Bridge Rehabilitation over Signac Brook, Wayne, NJ
George Davidson Road Bridge Replacement, Cranbury and Plainsboro, NJ
Gould Road Bridge, Passaic County, NJ
Grand Central Parkway Bridge Rehabilitation, New York, NY
Heckscher State Parkway Bridge, Islip, NY
Hollow Road Bridge Replacement, Montgomery, NY
I-87 Bridge Rehabilitation and Improvements, Rockland County, NY
Long Island Expressway Bridges, Calverton, NY
Midland Avenue Bridge, Westchester County, NY
Midway Road Bridge Steel Repairs, Wallkill, NY
New Market Road Bridge Replacement, Piscataway, NJ
Old York Road Bridge Replacement, Branchburg, NJ
Pink Lane Bridge Replacement, Milan, NY
Potter Avenue Bridge, New Rochelle, NY
Rehabilitation of 27 Bridges, Bronx and Queens, NY

other projects

Replacement of Route 59 Bridge over MNRR, Ramapo, NY

This $6M bridge replacement project scope consisted of the Final Design (Phases V-VI) required to replace an existing bridge over the Metro-North Railroad and Augusta Avenue service road in the Town of Ramapo. This project involved the demolition of an existing two-span, multi-beam structure and replacing it with a new steel I-beam structure on similar horizontal and vertical alignments as the existing bridge. The proposed structure was designed as a single-span to carry two 3.6m lanes, one 3.6m center left turn lane, two 2.4m shoulders, and two 1.6m sidewalks. 

I-495 Long Island Expressway/Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway Interchange (Exits 43-46) Final Design, Nassau County, NY

This project involved operational improvements for three local and two major interchanges (Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway NY 135 and Northern State Parkway), including 21 ramps, 7 crossroads, and 9 bridge sites. The project addressed significant operational and safety problems. Extensive traffic analysis of the LIE service road intersections, HOV, and general use lanes were provided. KC was responsible for Preliminary, ADP, and Final Design for two new bridges over a new collector ramp, one bridge on the LIE, and one on the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway. 

Monolithic Bridge Deck Repairs of 8 Bridges in Suffolk County, Brookhaven, NY

KC provided advanced and final design (Design Phases V-VI) for Bridge Monolithic Deck Repair of eight bridges in various towns in Suffolk County. KC performed the necessary design details to protect the life of the deck and inhibit deck joint leakage, thus extending the service life of the entire structure. The design documents provided all design information required for construction contract letting to enable repair of the deteriorated monolithic bridge decks, replacement of the bridge deck joints, and re-grading of the bridge approaches as necessary for smooth pavement transition from the reconstructed bridge deck to the existing abutting highway approach grades. 

Greenkill Avenue Bridge Replacement, Kingston, NY

KC provided engineering design services for the replacement of the Greenkill Avenue Bridge over Broadway in the City of Kingston, NY. This project consisted of the removal and replacement of the existing single-span through-girder bridge. KC provided base mapping for design assessment and used MicroStation InRoads software to provide digital mapping and DTM. Archival as-built utility mapping, as well as location of on-site markout, was incorporated into base mapping.

Design and Construction of Emergency Repairs, Park Avenue Viaduct at 118th Street, Bronx, NY

This design-build project consisted of providing structural analysis and details for the replacement of damaged steel columns supporting main MTA tracks on Park Avenue. The steel structural details included lifting operations and lifting sequence, stiffening of the existing beams to control deflection due to train loading during the repair period, and design of replacement members as per AREMA Standards. KC served as Lead Designer on this project and completed the structural design in less than two weeks. 

Representative projects


  • Bridge/Culvert Design and Analysis
  • Buildings/Facilities Design and Analysis
  • Buildings and Other Structures
  • Code Compliance
  • Community Liaising
  • Demolition Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Environmental and Geotechnical Analyses
  • Foundation Design and Analysis
  • Load Ratings and Structural Analysis
  • Office Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Resident Engineering
  • Retaining Wall Design and Analysis
  • Seismic Vulnerability Assessment
  • Special Structures Design
  • Storm Water Management
  • Utility Design and Relocation

KC’s structural engineering group consists of our structural engineers who, combined with our civil engineering and surveying professionals, provide extensive capabilities in the rehabilitation and replacement of existing structures and construction of new steel and concrete structures. We have extensive experience in foundation design ranging from conventional spread footings to pile foundations and drilled shafts. We are committed to creative, ingenious solutions that provide our clients with the best possible design services on complex projects.

KC’s design experts are practiced in rehabilitation design and in the design of new bridges, from simple span bridges to complex structures with curved girder design. We utilize a broad range of modern building materials and have developed bridge superstructure and substructure designs for highways, railroads, and light rail applications. KC closely adheres to new building code requirements including all applicable International and State building codes. Our engineers are well versed with changes and updates made to the design requirements for seismic requirements and wind loading standards for building structures.

KC’s structural engineering group contains many structural, civil, water, wastewater, traffic, resident, office, and environmental engineers and land surveyors experienced in code compliance and permitting, right-of-way mapping, drainage and storm water management design, traffic engineering including maintenance and protection of traffic and lighting design, guiderail and foundation design, seismic and wind vulnerability analyses, and structural integrity and load rating design for bridges, culverts, temporary structures, buildings, and other structures.

Structural engineering

Replacement of the Structures over the Hutchinson River and Saw Mill Parkways, Westchester, NY

This project involved the preliminary design for the reconstruction of the East 3rd Street Bridge over the Hutchinson River Parkway and two bridges that carry the Saw Mill River Parkway (NYS Rt. 987D) over Saw Mill River. The reconstruction of the bridges was needed to reduce flooding frequency, overhead collisions, and potential scour, which could lead to the failure of these bridges. KC developed preliminary structural plans based on AASHTO standards. 

Repair and Maintenance of 31 Bridges, Westchester and Putnam Counties, NY
Repair of 11 Bridges, Suffolk County, NY
Retaining Wall Design, Westchester County, NY
Rio Dam Scour, Sullivan County, NY
Riverdale Road Bridge, Passaic County, NJ
Robert Moses Causeway Bridge, Suffolk County, NY
Route 110 Bridge Rehabilitation over Sunrise Highway, Babylon, NY
Route 120 Bridge, Chappaqua, NY
Salisbury Turnpike Bridge Rehabilitation, Milan, NY
Scour Critical Bridge Improvements, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY
Somerset Street Bridge Replacement, North Plainfield, NJ
South Valley Road and Forest Street Culvert Replacement, West Orange, NJ
Station Road Bridge Rehabilitation over Chambers Brook, Branchburg, NJ
Tappan Zee Bridge Structural Steel and Fender Repairs, South Nyack and Tarrytown, NY
Valley Road Culvert Replacement, Montclair, NJ
Van Wyck Expressway 7 Bridges, Queens, NY
Washington Avenue Bridge, Sussex County, NJ
Wellwood Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation over Sunrise Highway, Babylon, NY
Wertsville Road Bridges, Hillsborough, NJ
West Finger and Clove Road Bridges, Staten Island, NY
Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn, NY

Replacement of County Bridge No. K1009 Dubois Road over Cory's Brook, Warren, NJ

This project consisted of the replacement of the existing bridge that carries Dubois Road over Cory’s Brook with a reinforced concrete rigid frame culvert supported on spread footing. The project also included obtaining all necessary NJDEP permits, including a soil erosion permit, coordination with utility companies for relocation of their facilities, and a traffic detour plan.

Bridge Parapet Reconstruction, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY

This bridge parapet replacement project scope consisted of structural improvements to make the highway appurtenance and its approaches safer for both the roadway over and under at each of the locations. This included replacing masonry bridge parapets with stone faced and capped structural concrete parapets, re-pointing stone masonry as necessary, replacing or upgrading approach guide rails as required to meet current safety standards, repairing or replacing sidewalks as needed, and installing pedestrian fencing where warranted. 

Replacement of Union Street Culvert over Deep Voll Brook, Hawthorne, NJ

This project consisted of the replacement of an existing bridge that carries Union Street over Deep Voll Brook with reinforced concrete precast slab beams supported by reinforced concrete cantilever abutments resting on spread footings. Also included was obtaining all necessary NJDEP permits, flood hazard area individual permit, freshwater wetlands general permits, soil erosion permit, coordination with utility companies for relocation of their facilities, and a traffic detour plan. 

Replacement of Sunnymead Road Bridge over an Unnamed Tributary to Royce's Brook, Hillsborough, NJ

This project included replacement of an existing multi-stringer steel bridge with a reinforced concrete rigid frame bridge supported on spread footing. This project design also included the development of hydrology and hydraulic modeling for the stream encroachment permitting, design of new wing walls to minimize the wetland impacts, and a traffic detour.