CWSRF, Wappingers Falls, NY
Hidden Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant, Mount Hope, NY
High Grove Subdivision, Washingtonville, NY
KLSD Pump Stations and Force Mains, Bethel, NY
KLSD Septage Receiving Station, Bethel, NY
KLSD Sewer Rehabilitation, Bethel, NY
KLSD Wastewater Treatment Plant, Bethel, NY
Shea Meadows Subdivision, Monroe, NY
South Avenue Sewer Laterals, Wappingers Falls, NY
TMSC Sewer Pump Replacement, Wappingers Falls, NY
TMSC Surface Aeration System Replacement, Poughkeepsie, NY
Warwick ShopRite Center Wastewater Treatment Facility, Warwick, NY
Wastewater System Master Plan, Wallkill, NY
Wastewater Treatment Plant, Wallkill, NY
Yeshiva Kehilath Yakov (YKY) Wastewater Treatment Plant, Yorktown, NY

other projects

TMSC Compost Permit Renewal, Poughkeepsie, NY

KC serves as Engineer for the Tri-Municipal Sewer Commission (TMSC). The TMSC plant treats sewage from the Village of Wappingers Falls, Town of Wappinger, and Town of Poughkeepsie. The plant utilizes a composting process to treat sludge produced as a byproduct of its wastewater treatment process. The sludge composting portion requires a separate permit with the NYSDEC. KC provided consulting services for the renewal of the operations permit, including evaluation of the existing permit and its 40 plus conditions of operations, review of current contract operator operations of the composting facility, evaluation of equipment, and renewal of the permit.

Raw Sewage Pump Replacement, Wallkill, NY

As part of this project, KC provided consulting services for the replacement of 3 shaft driven 60 HP raw sewage pumps with dry pit immersible pumps. Services included the engineer’s report, preparation of contract documents, design drawings, construction inspection, and engineering support services during startup.

Taste New York Farm Market Initiative, Suffolk County, NY

KC was responsible for providing design services for the development of a Taste New York rest area in Long Island, NY. Design services included the complete design of a new sanitary sewer pump station to service the Taste NY Market and its potential future growth. This included the pump station design, the building layout, wet well, valve vault, and pump calculations and selection, wet well control system with triple redundant level sensors, electrical and LED lighting plants, passive charcoal wet well vent, and active potassium permanganate wet well odor control system designs. 

Community Center Restrooms, Wallkill, NY

This Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project consisted of renovating the public restrooms at the Town of Wallkill Community Center. The renovation consisted of the demolition and reconstruction of the restrooms to make them ADA compliant. The project also included new tile for the walls and floors, new lighting, new plumbing fixtures, new bathroom partitions, and new bathroom accessories such as hand dryers, baby changing stations, and soap dispensers. ADA compliant bathroom stalls, sink vanities, and bathroom accessories were installed.

Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF), Bethel, NY

KC prepared the map, plan, and report, and conducted the Environmental Records Review (ERR) for the Town of Bethel to secure a hardship loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) section of the Environmental Facilities Corporation in the amount of $3,200,000. KC also prepared all designs, contract documents, and technical specifications for the project as well as performed construction management throughout the construction phase of the project. This project includes the reconstruction of sanitary sewer collection mains and laterals, sewer main lining, rebuilding of two sewage pumps stations, and a new septage receiving station at the Kauneonga Lake Sewage Treatment Plant.

Representative projects


  • Activated Sludge Plants
  • Collection Systems and Pump Stations
  • Community Liaising
  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction Services
  • Detailed Design
  • Environmental Analyses
  • Infiltration/Inflow Reduction
  • Master Planning
  • Membrane Bioreactor Plants
  • O&M Manual Drafting
  • Odor Control
  • SCADA/Computer Observation and Control Design
  • Septage Receiving Stations
  • Technical Support for Plant Operation and Training

KC’s wastewater treatment group has designed, constructed, and helped to operate over 70 facilities. We work with government, industrial, and private clients to meet a full range of wastewater related needs. We approach each project with innovative and creative expertise to deliver comprehensive engineering services that solve the most intricate wastewater challenges from concept through design, construction, and operation.

In addition, KC has designed, supervised the construction of, and/or evaluated more than 30 industrial wastewater treatment systems. These include rendering plants, dairy wastes, poultry and egg processing, commercial laundry, metal plating, chemical, winery, and food processing systems. Our wastewater services help increase capacity and improve the performance of existing treatment facilities. KC strives to meet strict water discharge policies, conserve energy, and reduce environmental impact.  We serve municipal wastewater facilities, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, residential developments, and schools.

KC’s wastewater treatment group consists of skilled wastewater, water, civil, and environmental engineers as well as proficient plant operators and designers with experience in all aspects of wastewater collection, supply, and treatment, including wastewater treatment plants, sewers, and pump stations.

wastewater treatment

Gravity Belt Thickeners, Sludge Pumps, and Water Pumps, Wappingers Falls, NY

KC provided the design, preparation of contract documents, and engineering services during startup and construction. The project consisted of the replacement of two Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) units with two Gravity Belt Thickener (GBT) units along with the installation of two Waste Activated Sludge Pumps, two Treated Waste Activated Sludge Pumps, and two Plant Water Pumps. KC was responsible for all design and construction management services on this project.

Wappingers Pump Station Piping Modifications, Wappingers Falls, NY

KC provided the design, preparation of contract documents, and engineering services during startup and construction. The pump station was constructed in 1985 and over time, 2 of the valves in the discharge force main became inoperable. It was determined that the best solution to control flow from the pumps to the force mains would be to modify the piping in the pump station and add a new valve. Some project tasks included installing temporary piping to carry the sewage during the work, modifying the surge relief piping to make room for new sewage piping, and installing control valves and new sewer sections from the pump station to the existing flow meter. 


Emergency Sewer Lateral Repair, Wappingers Falls, NY

For this project, KC provided the design documents and the plans for Maintenance and Protection of Traffic. KC was also responsible for coordinating with the NYSDOT, and for providing construction observation and support services for the emergency repair of two sewer laterals along South Avenue in the Village of Wappingers Falls. 

Wallkill FlexRake Bar Screen Installation, Wallkill, NY

Due to an increased frequency of clogging at the plant, which was attributed in part to the increased use of “flushable” wipes (rags), plant operators were required to take the pumps apart weekly to remove the clog before returning the pump back to service. In order to protect the Town’s investment and eliminate recurring maintenance on the Raw Sewage Pumps and other areas of the plant, KC proposed to install two mechanically cleaned bar screens upstream of the raw sewage pumps. The mechanically cleaned bar screens now allow wastewater to flow through while filtering debris from the influent channel.

Tri-Municipal Facility HVAC Improvements, Wappingers Falls, NY

KC was retained by the Tri-Municipal Sewer Commission to conduct an assessment of the entire HVAC and hot water system for the facility’s administration and process building. The HVAC system was evaluated to determine the most efficient approach for replacement. Replacement of the complete furnace and fan coil unit was determined to be an impractical and ineffective solution. A phased approach, utilizing independent split unit systems, was determined to be the most effective solution. This would allow for more consistent and effective heating and cooling of the various spaces within the facility, depending on use. The water heating unit replacement will utilize an on-demand system suitable for the minimal hot water used at the facility. These modifications allowed for the downsizing of the existing central furnace and associated fuel storage tank.