Town of Wallkill Consolidated Water District, Wallkill, NY

The Town of Wallkill Consolidated Water District has approximately 4,000 service connections and services over 16,000 residents and a large number of commercial and industrial users.  The water district is capable of producing up to 5.0 MGD of treated water and routinely produces over 2.0 MGD.  To combat problems with unaccounted for water and create a reliable and consistent system, KC recommended replacement of all meters with modern Badger electromagnetic meters. KC selected the water meters and prepared the contract documents and technical specifications.

Representative projects


  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Chemical Addition
  • Chemical Containment
  • Chlorination
  • Community Liaising
  • Distribution Systems
  • Emergency Backup Power
  • Environmental Analyses
  • Filtration
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • New Source Identification
  • O&M Manual Drafting
  • Plant Operation and Training
  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Pump Stations
  • Surface Water Supplies
  • Tankage
  • Treatment
  • UV Disinfection
  • Well Systems

KC's water supply group combines experience and insight to create long-term water solutions that manage water resources and provide safe and reliable drinking water supplies. We have years of solid, comprehensive experience in developing new water sources as well as improving and expanding existing delivery systems. We have located sources of supply and designed treatment, storage, and distribution systems for scores of municipalities, over 50 major residential developments, and numerous industrial plants, shopping centers, and hotels.

Several of our design engineers are also New York State licensed water plant operators. We train operators for our designed systems and are continually on call to assist during emergencies. We provide quick conceptual responses to meet the needs of each client. In hundreds of assignments, we have proven our ability to execute intricate projects while meeting budgets and delivery deadlines.

KC achieves water solutions with a balanced approach to the water cycle from sourcing, treatment, transport, reuse and recovery, and return to the environment. Our services include master planning, GIS, structural assessment, hydraulic modeling, and rehabilitation. KC can assist in planning, inspection, maintenance, and regulatory compliance. We approach each project with innovative and creative expertise to deliver comprehensive environmental engineering and management consulting services that solve the most intricate water challenges.

KC's water supply group consists of skilled water, wastewater, civil, and environmental engineers as well as proficient plant operators with experience in all aspects of water collection, supply, and treatment, including water treatment plants, wells, drainage plans, storm water management, water mains, sewers, and catch basins.

water supply

Water System Interconnect, Wallkill, NY

The Town of Wallkill is located in close proximity with two adjoining municipal water systems. During emergencies, the City of Middletown and the Village of Goshen share their water. All municipalities required the interconnections to function as full-flow connections with bi-directional meters and pressure-reducing valves. The interconnections also needed to allow the interconnection pits to be isolation points. 

The connection with the Village of Goshen was configured to allow water to be sourced at one municipality’s well field and treated at the others’ treatment plants, which are located in close proximity to each other. Two connections were made with the City of Middletown to feed the two zones in the City and three zones in the Town of Wallkill due to its proximity to the Town’s booster pump station.  

Trout Brook Water Supply, Woodbury, NY

The Trout Brook Water Treatment Plant is integrated into the Town of Woodbury Consolidated Water District, which serves the residential development known as WP3. KC designed a filtration and ultraviolet (UV) treatment system to treat the water produced at this facility. The filtration system consists of a series of two municipal high-pressure filter housing units, each with an allowable flow rate of 500 gpm to handle the combined discharge rate of all three wells.

Kosuga Well 7 Development, Wallkill, NY

The Town of Wallkill maintains one of the most robust, complex water systems in the region. The water supply portion of the system includes 20 municipal wells, generally situated on an aquifer along the Wallkill River. In pursuit of the Town’s continuous effort to develop their water resources, KC was tasked with developing a new well in the Kosuga Well Field (K-7). The project included installing a new well, well development, and pump testing. 

KC prepared the site plan, well design, OCDOH application, NYSDEC Water Withdrawal Application, contract documents, and specifications for the project. KC also managed the construction portion of the project including reviewing and processing payment applications, coordinating pre-construction and progress meetings, and inspecting the construction work to make sure it was performed to the specifications.

other projects

Blackwood Storm Water Design, Rhinebeck, NY
Braeside Water Treatment Plant Upgrade, Wallkill, NY
City Tunnel 3, Manhattan, NY
Community Center Restrooms, Wallkill, NY
Crystal Run Water Treatment Plant Upgrade, Wallkill, NY
Dutchess Community College Water Booster, Poughkeepsie, NY
DWSRF, Wappingers Falls, NY
Hamlet Grove Subdivision, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
High Grove Subdivision, Washingtonville, NY
Home Depot Distribution Center, Montgomery, NY
Lorelei Lake Water District and Water Treatment Plant, Wallkill, NY
Losurdo Subdivision, Hamptonburgh, NY
North Mesier Avenue Reconstruction, Wappingers Falls, NY

Engineering Evaluation of a Treatment System for Well #3, Warwick, NY

This project entailed performing an engineering evaluation to determine the best option for providing an additional water source to the Village of Warwick. Options evaluated for the backup source included Well #3 or the development of another new well. Well #3 has an average yield capacity of 250 GPM and can yield up to 400,000 GPD. Well #3 was known to be GWUDI and needed either treatment or pumping to the Microfiltration Plant before use as a primary source. KC performed a preliminary investigation and presented a recommendation to the Village. KC also prepared a preliminary design concept, capital and life cycle cost analysis, and an engineer’s report for the preferred option.

Water System Modernization, Wallkill, NY

The goal of this project was to provide a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) to monitor all of the facilities that serve the Wallkill Consolidated District. This system will allow for faster emergency response times and remote monitoring of critical system processes. 

The scope of this project and the interdependence of the facilities in the Wallkill Consolidated Water District required close attention to the order in which the work was performed. The first hurdle was to begin the project quickly enough to properly evaluate the communication viability before tree cover was lost. Next, it was critical that the facilities not be taken offline during the construction process. By maintaining a strict order of tasks, water service interruption was successfully avoided.  

LaGuardia Airport Trunk Main Relocation, Queens, NY

This project included utility trunk line relocations and temporary utilities inside LaGuardia Airport (LGA). The scope included engineering services for the connection of existing utilities, maintaining uninterrupted service to all infrastructures in and outside of the project limits, and tees and valves for future use by the LGA’s Central Terminal Building, garages, and roadway. The project also improved serviceability of the utilities. KC prepared Final Design and contract documents for the installation of utilities north of the Grand Central Parkway, the relocation of utilities at Parking Lots 1 and 4, and the installation of a gas distribution center.

Rykowski Lane Water Treatment Plant Upgrade for Groundwater under the Direct Influence of Surface Water, Wallkill, NY

The Rykowski Lane Water Supply and Treatment System consists of six wells and a water treatment plant. The Orange County Department of Health ruled that additional treatment should be added to the plant due to particles of similar size to Giardia and Cryptosporidium found in nearby wells. KC prepared a conceptual upgrade plan. The chosen treatments included a coagulant to improve the filtration of the particles and an ultraviolet disinfection system, which provided additional capacity to achieve 5 log removal. KC also provided the conceptual upgrade plan, design, preparation of contract documents, and engineering services during startup and construction.

Oak Hill Subdivision, Minisink, NY
Orange County DPW Projects, Orange County, NY
Shea Meadows Subdivision, Monroe, NY
Taste NY Welcome Center, Long Island, NY
Wappingers Falls Water Treatment Plant, Wappingers Falls, NY
Water Storage Tanks, Wallkill, NY
Water System Master Plan, Wallkill, NY
Woodbury Junction Subdivision WP3, Woodbury, NY
Woodhill Road, Staten Island, NY
Yeshiva Kehilath Yakov (YKY) Water Treatment System, Brooklyn, NY
Yeshiva Site Plan, Chester, NY​​

Panattoni Site Design, Wawayanda, NY

Panattoni is a nationwide developer of distribution warehouse space. Their site in the Town of Wawayanda, NY was the site of a former gravel bank mine. Because of sensitive environmental areas throughout the site and due to the large amount of impervious area required by the application, a complex storm water mitigation system was required. To supply the site with potable water, an 8,918 LF long water main was designed. The nearest connection point to a municipal water system was 1.5 miles away in the Town of Wawayanda. Design permitting and construction inspection of the water line was all completed by KC. KC was able to design a storm water management plan that satisfied New York State DEC requirements as well as obtain all necessary state and local permits for the project.


Water District Meter Replacement, Wappingers Falls, NY

Upon completion of their new water treatment plant, the Village of Wappingers Falls began a meter replacement project to replace all meters for its 600+ connections.  The new water treatment plant could produce up to 1.5 MGD of treated water and routinely produces over 0.7 MGD. To increase revenue for the new plant, KC recommended replacement of all meters with modern electromagnetic meters with remote read. The new meters helped facilitate meter reading for the small two-person water treatment plant operations staff. The new meters also helped to minimize unaccounted water and facilitate billing via the remote read technology.